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Tinkling laughter echoed there
Dripping teardrops glittered there
Our memory lane got cluttered thus
With entangling glee and glumness both.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of day
Can I be in your thoughts, my dear?
Why did my mind who is acting childlike,
Taxing me by asking this

The broad and well kept thoroughfare
Got cuddled with its heavy traffic.
The town was over crowded with
folks of each and every league.

Just a single thought of you
opened the flood gate of memories,
and gushed out golden memoirs,
the lone moments of you and me!

That night it was drizzling nonstop,
Every where there spread a cryptic silence,
What made me wake up, I just wondered!
Naively sat there idle and watched the standstill nature,

Another name of agedness is,
A second childhood sure it is.
Who told this sentence I don't know yet,
But a lot of sense it has, I will bet!


The running race goes on and on
Day and night with sun and moon

Is the failure curse or boon?
All failed to judge it miserably.
Through care and concern in plenty
I liked to make my mother fail

The dense flocks of dark nimbus clouds
Had caused the sky to look gloomy
The sky had vaguely tried and failed
To conceal all her own agonies.

He was walking with a stick
By counting each and every step
With a white cane, his support.
Miseries depicted well on his face

The potential to love
is a gift from God.
To be loved is meant for
only those who have luck.


From dawn to dusk without a stop
The sun was shuttling east to west
As it was never ending course of action,
He needed some rest so badly.


One and only court is there
and it is unique to each and all.
Endurance with patience often
is its emblem all through this world.

For me,
Sheets of papers seemed insufficient alas!
To scribble in them all

No need of a diamond necklace
for this gorgeous night.
As the twinkling stars
made themselves

You and me and everyone's mind
are filled with hundred thousand thoughts.
They come and go with lightning speed
Change off and on in pace of light.


Sun and dawn came hand in hand
and started painting crimson shade
all over the sky with great ardour.
One golden ray just fell on my face

They used to come one after one
just like waves of mighty ocean.
Sorrows trespassed human minds
to give us pangs of pain as gifts.


In between the birth and death
Life is flowing like a river
We are fine drawn lines on water
The lines vanishing in a wink.

With groups of tiny twinkling stars
The glittering diamonds of the sky
I was waiting for you moon
Down on earth patiently.

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Tinkling laughter echoed there
Dripping teardrops glittered there
Our memory lane got cluttered thus
With entangling glee and glumness both.

Golden memories, the winsome ones
acting like an exact doorway
Which is always leading us to
the dazzling courtyard of paradise.
They impart immense inward calmness
when got immersed ourselves in their depth.
They can infuse inmost feelings
Within seconds and what not!

Long and short ripples they made
in the tranquil mind of mine frequently.
Whenever I melted in them
They felt sweeter than necter.
My bygone childhood day's beauty
There I reviewed once again.
A wonderful nostalgic feeling
Like a sweet smelling fragrance
Overwhelmed me then and there.
The keepsake of my early age
Promptly brought me vast happiness

My memory screen at times displayed
Black and white photos of
Sorrow, loss, pain and guilt
They were dull as well as obscure
none looked pretty or anew
Turn by turn they walked infront of me
With an eerie smile and mocking faces.
One after one I looked keenly
Though I hated them evenly
To get rid of myself from those sight
I closed my memory screen in haste
And put one shutter abruptly and
escaped from them for a while..

To touch the last and final point
Life was leaping like a runner
By crossing so many ups and downs
without making sign of hindrance.
Will win or lose no one knows
The end of game left in dark.
These inseparable fellowmates
Our own good and bad memories
Thrived in our mind countlessly.
At times they looked like a boon
But they could turn as a curse also!
Who they are..friends or foes?
I could not determine it yet!

Mallika Achuthan Menon Comments

I love the softness of emotions in your poem Dusk. You are so good with feelings and words.

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Paul Sebastian 24 March 2014

Your poem is poignant...asking the 'why' of life. You have captured the imagination very well. It captured me! You may want to edit two words: sincereness to sincerity and 'feminineness' to...At times this endowed blessing... Keep writing!

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Aaraadhakan Fan 20 November 2013

Well expressed the facts of life thru' simple yet powerful words! .. keep penning..

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