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Tinkling laughter echoed there
Dripping teardrops glittered there
Our memory lane got cluttered thus
With entangling glee and glumness both.

The Beggar

The broad and well kept thoroughfare
Got cuddled with its heavy traffic.
The town was over crowded with
folks of each and every league.


That night it was drizzling nonstop,
Every where there spread a cryptic silence,
What made me wake up, I just wondered!
Naively sat there idle and watched the standstill nature,

A Second Childhood

Another name of agedness is,
A second childhood sure it is.
Who told this sentence I don't know yet,
But a lot of sense it has, I will bet!



The running race goes on and on
Day and night with sun and moon

Mallika Achuthan Menon Comments

I love the softness of emotions in your poem Dusk. You are so good with feelings and words.

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Paul Sebastian 24 March 2014

Your poem is poignant...asking the 'why' of life. You have captured the imagination very well. It captured me! You may want to edit two words: sincereness to sincerity and 'feminineness' to...At times this endowed blessing... Keep writing!

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Aaraadhakan Fan 20 November 2013

Well expressed the facts of life thru' simple yet powerful words! .. keep penning..

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