Thing Poem by Marcquiese Burrell


Rating: 5.0

You don't wanna talk no more
You don't mean a thing
I'll watch this fall like dominoes
You're gonna feel the sting
What is any worse than having a lot of pride
when you want to talk but you had to decide
the boat should sail on when it lost it's touch
couldn't have been feeling anything that much
when I haven't heard from you in awhile
investigation over had to close the file
You may do what you do but I won't allow
You to affect me to the point
where I don't even smile
Because it could get volcanic
had to leave shop
this can't be fixed by a mechanic
I cared enough back when it use to matter
but then I'd wake to write a different chapter
No, now you bugging like you on something
cause i'm looking at you side ways
never expected for you to chase me
If I had to tell it,
I kept you up like the caffeine in coffee
Tried to wake you up, make you see the reality
Came down off your high caused the mark you have missed
when you seem to thought you would get a hit
bet right now, you feeling a little of the shame
cause you didn't mean a thing and the pain
have start to settle into your heart
there goes the ache when it begins to break

Friday, August 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: attraction,hurt,love,pain,relationships
Bernard F. Asuncion 25 August 2018

Marcquiese, such a splendid poem...10++++

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Ifediirichukwu Victor 24 August 2018

Wow, nice poem. Coined words and really pulling

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