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Long time ago we came to be,
Me a girl with no care, and you with jean jacket & no sleeves,
Me roller skating, and you? You just appeared.

I thought I knew,
I thought I had a plan in my life,
and then you showed up!
I thought I was going to die.

Vida Mia!
Como Puedes decir que no te quiero?
Como puedes creer que a estas alturas
te deje yo de amar.

I lay you to rest,
You, that always listened to my worries,
You that always knew of my dreams,
You that took me in as a little girl,

After giving it some thought
and doing a recount of events,
I've come to the conclusion,
that we are not supposed to have been.

Today I shed a tear,
I let out a sigh,
I smile to the world
But I am hurting inside.

There are things that we can not tell,
There are things that is better not to know,
There are things that we should not say,
But, we still go ahead and do it so.

Today I confess to you
one of my biggest fears
That you don’t feel the same as I do.

Why do we always question?
Why do we always want to know?
Is it to be prepared?
To know where we dont want to go?

</>Como quisiera entregarme a ti,
Como quisiera poder amarte,
Como quisiera poder demostrarte cuanto te quiero,
Como quisiera que te enamoraras de mi,


Peace in my heart
this is my plea
I wish for a new beginning


What am I to know about the French Revolution?
Not too much at all,
In my dream I look like a young girl,
With very old and ragged clothes,

My last day to tell you
My last day to see you
My last day to hold you

</>Ayer.. Caminaba por la calle, pues no sabia que hacer.
Tantos años, tantas ilusiones, tantas esperanzas.
Nada! Nada ya! Toque mi mejilla pues pense que llovia,
Mas no, no era lluvia, era solo una lagrima furtiva!

My loneliness I do not want to share with anyone,
for it is in my loneliness that I feel you by my side.
It might be a crowded room, with laughter, and noises,
But only you in my mind.

Who are you?
Why can’t I ever see your face?
you saw me sitting on the side of the road,
Why did you decide to help?

Maria Segura Biography

I was born to a very young, to a very inexperienced Couple. I almost died at a very young age.I spend most of my childhood with my maternal grandparents. Sweet and loving they were.Never thought I was poor until others told me we were.But now I know for a fact that in all. I was very rich.Fresh and clean food everyday, sights that will never be forgotten in my mind.I married someone probably for all the wrong reasons.I really am not sorry 'cause out of that union I have six wonderful children.I have a special love for life. I have a special love in mind.I will forever be in love with love.and I will forever be in love with that guy.)

The Best Poem Of Maria Segura

Your Kiss Stole My Heart

Long time ago we came to be,
Me a girl with no care, and you with jean jacket & no sleeves,
Me roller skating, and you? You just appeared.

What was it that you said?
Oh yeah, “from where may I be? ”
I told you “ from far away” It didn’t matter to me.

You were very thin, wearing Bell Bottom Jeans,
You followed me around, and I wondered ….what?
What does this guy want from me?

I was eighteen, and you. You were nineteen,
Oh! So many years, so many years,
Like water down the stream.

I saw you the very next week, and you had a bunch of questions,
I thought he is interested in my sister,
but it was about me, why you wanted information.

RW2X my sister skated toward me and I said “what? ”
I wondered what was going on,
I guess a “code” Yeah, maybe that is that!

You sat next to me I could hear you breathe,
When was it, in August?
Yeah, I think it was the third week.

It was my sister’s birthday,
We left that week a little bit earlier,
For we wanted to go and celebrate it.

We went to wait for her outside,
We stood in the parking lot,
Right behind the mustang, right behind that purple car.

I remember all those things,
for they are treasures for me,
I'll always remember, all these things are precious to me.

You looked into my eyes, for you stood in front of me,
And with a most tender voice you asked,
“May I give you a kiss? ”

I looked into your eyes right back,
And I responded without thinking,
“ What the heck, ...... why not! ”

The sweetest lips..mmmm, touched mine,
And ever since then,
In your hands. you hold my heart!

What was it, two weeks, three,
When we were torn apart,
We went separate ways, me not wanting to look back.

But even though our bodies were separated,
I believe our souls and thoughts,
Would always betray us.

We searched for one another,
Each one in a different way,
For the love we have for each other, could not dissipate.

Now I see you, and I long for you, and I know, you long for me.
My heart beat becomes faster,
When I catch a glimpse or two, of you.

Sometimes I don’t turn my head,
And maybe it's because I am scared,
That I'll grab you by the hand and take you far away.

So for now my love,
And for the rest of my life,
I will always love you, I will love you all the time.

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Juan Olivarez 13 June 2018

Maria is very ill. Cancer has ravaged her body, but her mind is very sharp. She will always hold a very special place in my heart. Te amo siempre Lupe.

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