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Needs And Fears

I live in fears of everything
To have to leave or loose you
To have to stay seeing you forget me
To have to live without you near

I live in need of everything
To talk and smile then forget all
To know that I touched your heart
To let you know how you touched mine

I need to let you know of my fears
I love to know what are yours if any
I live waiting to cradle you gently
To let you see love here feels no fear

I fear I will never get to tell you
How much I need you and my dreams
I fear once more you will push me back
I fear your needs don't match mine

I need you to hold me when I fall
You need to know I am here if you do
I fear you think I am just another one
You need to be sure I am not, not at all

I need you to see me with my cluttered mind
I need you to never fear my loving heart
As you should never fear I'd not do the same
With all this love that is only ours

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Marilyn Jean Popularity

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