Mark Dillon Poems

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Would It Really Matter

Would it really matter if we didn't get up today.
Didn't go to work and just stayed home to play.
If we just stood idly by and left the work undone
Cast away the chores and just went and had some fun.

Please, Just Listen To Me.

All the lessons I've learned
and tried to pass on.
The knowledge I've accumulated
to make me strong.

The Owl And The Fieldmouse

The owl ventured out from his barn perch
to search the forest floor.
To get some fresh air and exercise
and some fresh food for to score.

A Best Friend Is...

I'm Standing on the ground,
But my head's in the clouds,
trying to pick out a familiar face in the crowds.
Someone to identify with, 'cause I'm here on my own.

The Love Mine

I went into the love mine
searching for some gold.
Not the type that fools find
thats readily bought and sold,

A Silent Wish

While driving people to and fro'
as through the hustle and bustle
of the season they go,
Preparing for that special day,

Mirror, Mirror

When you look in the mirror
What do you see.
A reflection of yourself
or the opposite of thee.


There are times when I've felt so alone
I could have just curled up and died.
Times when I knew such love and joy
I could have sat and cried.

A Kiss Remembered

In my heart there is a place
that fills with delight with your embrace.
I know I felt it when we kissed.
And since that day, your touch I've missed.


All across the twilight haze
A million stars twinkle and brightly blaze.
As the traveller on his moonlit quest
makes his way along the mountain crest.