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A Silent Wish

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While driving people to and fro'
as through the hustle and bustle
of the season they go,
Preparing for that special day,
where families come first
and children hold sway.
I think of those who are not with us now,
and ponder a moment, thinking back how.
How we shared some great moments
in the time they were here.

And for that which we shared
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Seasons greetings to you all and your families.
Kanav Justa 18 December 2012

mark this was a great poem you wrote, , , , , , well done

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Lyn Paul 18 December 2012

The world just get more shocking each day.. let a prayer your silent wish will bring humanity and love to all. Well written. Thank you

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Kandi Behagg 18 December 2012

Hi Mark! This is a beautiful heartfelt poem! the message that it gives is wounderful! great work!

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Heather Wilson 16 December 2012

A wish for all mankind, I`ll join you in that wish Mark, a heartfelt lovely poem, Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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Laurie X3 19 September 2013

Many people have cavities or broken teeth, with all the dentists in the world, why? It is their choice to go to the dentists for help and if they don't go they stay broken. Same with God. We must go to Him, It is a choice we make. Free will...

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Heather Wilkins 05 September 2013

your last stanza is a great prayer for all

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 01 January 2013

The prayer from the heart! Nice to read!

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Valerie Dohren 19 December 2012

A great poem Mark, Christmas always brings memories both happy and sad.

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Hazel Durham 19 December 2012

An inspiring poem with a great message of hope for a brighter future for mankind, so beautifully written!

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