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Rating: 4.9

All across the twilight haze
A million stars twinkle and brightly blaze.
As the traveller on his moonlit quest
makes his way along the mountain crest.

It's been sixteen months yet feels like years.
A time of insurrection and of tears,
of bombs and bullets and countless fears.
Of counting the cost as the battle mist clears.

Yet he misses his comrades
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Lyn Paul 22 September 2013

How any man or woman can survive war then live a normal life I have No idea, just the heartache they have seen, . Well written with the emotion strong.

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Diane Hine 03 October 2013

It must be so hard to adjust, not just to service but also to coming home again - well-expressed thoughts.

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Danny Draper 30 September 2013

So many wars and nothing resolved but those that stand are often broken and may heal, but will never recover.

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Karen Sinclair 30 September 2013

Gazing remembering considering then comforted This is honestly such a pure reflection, I shall not get into the politics I think we've all chewed that over for time in memorial and all know exactly what we think. But you as an ex soldier speak so softly and of the items which seem relevant to me as I as a soul who's never been to battle can actual imagine my thoughts following a similar vein. I particularly like that you didn't get angry just expressed that before your return your family waited to help you heal.

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Ruth Walters 22 September 2013

To convey the true horrors of war to folk that have never been in battle or felt the ground shake from bombs, or had their neighbours killed or maimed is a huge task but well attempted in this poem.

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Lyn Paul 22 September 2013

This is a true 10.....

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