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Would it really matter if we didn't get up today.
Didn't go to work and just stayed home to play.
If we just stood idly by and left the work undone
Cast away the chores and just went and had some fun.

All the lessons I've learned
and tried to pass on.
The knowledge I've accumulated
to make me strong.

The owl ventured out from his barn perch
to search the forest floor.
To get some fresh air and exercise
and some fresh food for to score.

I'm Standing on the ground,
But my head's in the clouds,
trying to pick out a familiar face in the crowds.
Someone to identify with, 'cause I'm here on my own.

I went into the love mine
searching for some gold.
Not the type that fools find
thats readily bought and sold,

While driving people to and fro'
as through the hustle and bustle
of the season they go,
Preparing for that special day,


There are times when I've felt so alone
I could have just curled up and died.
Times when I knew such love and joy
I could have sat and cried.

In my heart there is a place
that fills with delight with your embrace.
I know I felt it when we kissed.
And since that day, your touch I've missed.

Sitting at my desk typing a c.v.
for a job i'm not sure i want.
I just wanna dump it and watch t.v
or take my car for a jaunt.


All across the twilight haze
A million stars twinkle and brightly blaze.
As the traveller on his moonlit quest
makes his way along the mountain crest.

There are times when at my lowest ebb,
I always know you care.
I feel your aura all around me.
letting me know your there.

When I get home at half past four,
my feet just dragging across the floor.
I just open the fridge and grab a beer.
It's icy cold and crystal clear.

Silently the winter nights creep in.
The summer days have gone
And the Autumns rich colours are starting to thin
And the birds to the south have flown.

I'm sitting here with a great big frown.
The feckin lights have broken down.
The producer is frantic and pulling out his hair.
If you've ever worked with him, that's not rare.

I sometimes sit and wonder
why I treated you so bad.
And sent you home feeling
used and yes a little mad.

Jack and Tim were boyhood friends
made the moves and kept up with the trends.
Up through the years, each had departed,
but when they returned, socialising re-started.

From the day you came into this world,
a gift from God above.
A day of unrelenting joy,
a day just filled with love.

There's an emptiness inside me.
It grows bigger every day.
It threatens to engulf me,
I feel lost, can't find my way.

The strong autumn breeze,
the cold evening sun.
The swirling brown leafs winter journey has begun.
As they fall down to the waters edge

Three tall ships cast off and set sail.
One made the trip, the other two failed.
They sailed into a tempest and the wild winds did wail.
The crew they were hardy, but they could not prevail

Mark Dillon Biography

Born in Dublin.Raised on the curragh Camp, Co Kildare. Lived in Kildare town most of my life and raised family there.Had a career in the army as had my Father and 3 of my brothers, I retired in 2002 and worked and traveled a bit then went back to college and studied audio/visual media and graduated in 2009 with an hons deg BOA A.V MEDIA. Was involved with local drama group for some time and have a great interest in theatre, hope to finish writing a play i started, its a work -in -progress.Currently doing some writing and other small ideas, and at the same time some driving to help pay the bills.'you gotta live, right')

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Would It Really Matter

Would it really matter if we didn't get up today.
Didn't go to work and just stayed home to play.
If we just stood idly by and left the work undone
Cast away the chores and just went and had some fun.

Whoever set the precedence of working through the day
To come home jaded tired, exhausted from the fray.
Must have had a sad existence tied to the work ideal
just like running endless circles on the hamsters wheel.

All work and no play, the bills, they cripple and sometimes slay.
Those who don't take time to stop and say
'What about me, this is wrong'
Then go and have some wine and song.
To break the chains of work and toil
does the soul good every once in a while.

Would it really matter if we took a little time out,
to let our hair down and laugh, scream and shout.
Release all those frustrations and keep the beast in check.
'cause if we don't let off some steam,
we'll wind up a quivering wreck.

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Kandi Behagg 18 December 2012

Great work mark! all of poems are heartfelt and give a great message! i enjoy reading you Poems! thank you for sharing

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Mandi June 04 July 2012

I love your work. You seem to write so effortlessly and descriptively, and every poem paints a beautiful picture. Thank you so much for expressing and sharing this wonderful compilation of thoughts through your words.

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