Roses Are On Fire Poem by Mark Heathcote

Roses Are On Fire

Rating: 4.3

A river of stars
a bed of roses still in bud
we're but water lilies
learning to be rainbows
with comet ribbons of light

where a thorn of passion cuts
bled itself out red in the valleys
I find lust is my ground-blanket
but it's always bitterly cold.
Black ashen as a moonlit cloak

I long to kiss the earth.
Be one day return to the dust.
The smoke engines a star
to glow red and orange.
I long to be another solitary-seed

waiting for its roots to cleave
cut a blade of green corn.
But I'm like a phoenix born
without any feathers
looking lost—mystified back at you.

Roses are on fire
tears perspire—I choke.
I wither on the vine
always faithful, without true faith,
isn't it time this star, my star, collapsed?

And joined a river of sand
ah, quicksand isn't He, my companion.
He's filled the chambers of my sky,
He's filled life, my lungs I no longer-
remember how once I, too, could cry.

Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Kim Barney 07 December 2016

A fantastic poem, Mark! Congratulations for having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Mark Heathcote 07 December 2016

Much appreciated Kim, thank you.

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Julia Luber 11 June 2019

Has a surreal visual power to it- I can almost see a painting of rivers made out of stars and beds made out of roses and of course those Roses on fire. Great sense of place and imagination….enjoyed!

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Seamus O Brian 07 December 2016

The imagery of this work is rich and vivid. Very imaginative and creative; a wide palette of intriguing visuals. Thank you!

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Mark Heathcote 07 December 2016

Much appreciated Neal thank you for the commenting on it.

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Marieta Maglas 07 December 2016

I like this stanza: Waiting for its roots to cleave Cut a blade of green corn But I'm like a phoenix born Without any feathers Looking lost, mystified back at you. a mystic, seducing poem- voted 10.

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Mark Heathcote 07 December 2016

Glad you enjoyed it Marieta thank you kindly for the comment.

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 07 December 2016

A beautiful poem Mark.Congratulations on being member of the day Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

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Mark Heathcote 07 December 2016

Many thanks Col Muhammad Khalid Khan it's much appreciated.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 07 December 2016

I am like a phoenix born without feathers Great imagery and a pleasure to read. Congrats on the member Poem of the Day.

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