Two Poems Of Two Line Poems Poem by Mark Heathcote

Two Poems Of Two Line Poems

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The still pools reflection, what clarity, within its deepest depths it holds?
Until a trouble mind bestirs, silts of time. Looking for what else unfolds.

In comes morning, hauling death. Don't close your eyes
There are only another fifty years of worthless wondering left.



In comes morning, hauling Death. Do not close your eyes
there's only a matter of another fifty years of exacerbation life left.


Some trouble mind bestirs silts of time. Looking for what else unfolds.
What clarity within our deepest murky depths now holds?

Hornet on the wing

God, he would catch a hornet on the wing,
relish infinite beauty, not its putrefying sting.

Readied gunpowder

Love is a cannonball.
Readied gunpowder
it's easy to fire, difficult to hold
catch once it has ignited all its fire.


in His wisdom
He gave us a blanket of snow
an ice door melting


radiant sunsets
a campfire now covered
in sheets of snow


I can't fathom why
her likeness isn't constant
leaves of change


a chainsaw humming
a woodpeckers beak drilling
silence faraway…


a midnight vigil
chandeliers of crystal glass
dew-like teardrops plunge


a fallen oak tree
an acorn in its round cup
destiny awaits

Monday, September 8, 2014
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Savita Tyagi 12 September 2017

So full of wisdom the beautiful two line poem. So profound and so full of depth. Thanks for sharing Mark.

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Mark Heathcote 17 September 2017

Much appreciated Savita, thank you my friend.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 20 April 2017

Interesting format of poetry. Profound thoughts in very few lines create a sense of depth in brevity. Very good work.

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Mark Heathcote 20 April 2017

Much appreciated Cynthia thank you.

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Seamus O Brian 26 September 2016

This is a marvelous piece of poetry, its brevity deftly belying its depth. Such an enjoyable piece to read and ponder. Very nice!

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Akhtar Jawad 25 March 2015

The still pools reflection, what clarity, within its deepest depths it holds? I can imagine the beauty of thoughts captured in this lovely poem...............10

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