(captured Heart) Poem by Marvin Brato Sr

(captured Heart)

Rating: 2.6

Am borne free
As the wind
To infinite desires
Of the human heart
Languishing in mortality.

I have an array of choices
As the multitudes of stars
Promising as the rainbow
Flashes of dreams
Apt for wishes.

I am in love
Should be free
A decision, a fate
for the heart to make
Towards its inclination.

The mind can reflect
What the heart seeks
Yet it can not suspend
The drive of a true love
Which captures the heart.

Reshma Ramesh 10 November 2008

loved this one............well done! !

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Antonio Liao 22 September 2008

yah! every now and then.... our heart still experience.....the tremendous... feeling that we attribute it to our heart.... but the truth is that it is a real feeling of the mind that tells that our being is capture what the heart felt... your as real poet my friend... its realy good poem... thank you...10/10

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Melvin Banggollay 21 December 2007

Great poem and mixture of sublime thoughts. Merry x mas and best wishes, melvin

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Herbert Nehrlich1 12 December 2007

A clever mixing of formal, nerdy words and the music of emotions. Great poem. H

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Theodora Onken 12 December 2007

Marvin, boy do you have that all correct! Loved this! Best, Theo

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Marvin Brato Sr

Marvin Brato Sr

Davao City, Philippines
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