(why Sex Before Marriage?) Poem by Marvin Brato Sr

(why Sex Before Marriage?)

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Marriage sanctifies sex,
sex consummates marriage.
But why prefer sex before marriage,
is there one or more reasons to consider?

Maybe its still men's quest,
a priority test for him as the best.
So that the mating could be marked,
as something worth experience to take.

The best part in sex is sensuality,
that each mate could get from sex.
The manner a partner performs well,
is much desired by almost hot lovers.

Science could enhance state of sexuality,
cosmetology can recreate the transformation.
By sex before marriage a person can discern,
is the smart way to test the true lover's affinity.

Sexual compatibility excites much pleasure,
Aside from love it is where both are in tune.
And to know what degree of zest it can set,
through sex before marriage is the gauge.

Chinedu Dike 30 October 2019

A poignant rendition set aside for sober reflection. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing, Marvin.

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Akhtar Jawad 17 July 2018

I agree with the comments of Dr. Brahmin.

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Dr Antony Theodore 08 June 2016

SEX and MARRIAGE.... both are sacred........ it helps to get into the concept of the divinity of human beings to think that we shall not misuse ourselves....... naturally decision has to be taken by both after prayer and a strong relationship with God. thank you for this poem. tony

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Luna Deava 17 March 2009

I hate this. Sex should definatly be saved for marriage. It may 'feel cool' but what about STDs and pregnancy? Do you support the murder of unborn babies? If you love someone you should show it by WAITING. It's the true test of love.

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soory it was a bit boring

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Marvin Brato Sr

Marvin Brato Sr

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