Melissa Barber Poems

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Remember Me?

Remember me?
I’m the one you can’t see
I’m a shadow in the dark
You can’t ignore my shadow

If It Will Make You Happy

I will disregard all my feelings and emotions for you
If it will make you happy
There’s nothing I won’t do
As long as if it will make you happy


I opened up my soul
And I let you in
But you tore it up in a minute
You don’t see

Secrets & Lies

Our secrets have torn us apart
Why did we ever start?
We had our rough beginnings
Hiding what we kept inside

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma
I hope this letter gets to you up there
To show you how much I care
I think about you every day

These Memories

Can’t get these memories of you out of my mind
Can’t leave these memories behind
Tell me what these memories are all about

When Appearances Matter

Stand me up once
I'll probably get over it
Stand me up twice
Well, that's just isn't nice


I often wonder why you lie
Why you do the things that you do?
Why you just didn’t tell me the truth?
Would have been too hard for you

Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Our relationship is like a roller coaster
We have our highs and lows
And our ups and downs
Turns and twists, too

Alone In Society

At lunch he sits all alone
Some might say he’s a loner
But he’s no stoner
He isn’t in on the latest cliques

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