melissa mundy Poems

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Divorce's Daughter

I am the dream that dfid not die
ravaged child of love denied
witness to a history that no longer matters
the face in the mirror times hand has shattered

All Whispers

Life speaks softly
in between the silent spaces
left by the husband
who no longer hears you.

Requiem For A Son

You came to me again last night
through a dream no one can steal.
I reached for you
with arms of lead

The Trash

In the endless nights
that follow her death,
I gather my trash bags
and swing them like a weapon

I Am Your Child

I Am Your Child

My eyes blaze a hole
into what is left of your soul.

Panther's Breath

Panther, Oh Panther
Your eyes flash fire
as you stalk invisible ghosts
in the mist outside your cage.


Behind the prison bars
in the metal cage
which holds her,
she draws his rage

The Finish Line

The Heavens reached down for you.
I lost the tug of war.
Your hand slipped so easily from my own
as I lost the game

Silent Springs

It is easy to hide
no one can tell you flew apart
you have fallen too many times
you grasp for hands that are not extended

Conversion Of Innocence

You never lose your innocence
until you walk toward death.
The heartbeat stills, the void immense,
airless swirling, earth without breath.

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