The Trash Poem by melissa mundy

The Trash

Rating: 5.0

In the endless nights
that follow her death,
I gather my trash bags
and swing them like a weapon
as I cross the black cement walk.
The shadows wrap themselves around me
stealing what little breath she left me.
Her eyes glow through the stars
as she watches
the wind whispers her warning
there are no second chances.

The dumpster waits patiently
behind towering steel walls.
The lid creaks a shrill hello
as I reach high above my head
and fling the bags into the black hole
I cannot see but can smell
fetid odors of others lives
lived no more.
Unholy fear burns my lungs
as I turn on my heel
into the blackness created
by whoever threw her away.

Nika Mcguin 16 February 2014

A captivating write, It leaves me in awe-struck and mystified.

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Marvin Brato 14 October 2007

The memories of a love one linger in our heart, too heavy to let go because it made part of us. The love and care shared cannot just be easily forgotten, had it not because of death such moments could still have continued.So sad someone cruel so evil killed the one we love, leaving the trash of memories a memory! Well penned, top mark.

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melissa mundy

melissa mundy

wilkes barre, pa
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