All Whispers Poem by melissa mundy

All Whispers

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Life speaks softly
in between the silent spaces
left by the husband
who no longer hears you.
Life speaks softly
to the wife
who lives with the sound turned off.

Life points gently
toward the friend
you've loved forever
for her sudden clumsiness and frequent tears.
Life points gently
to what you will never mention
and the things you will never know.

Line etches fine lines of worry
as the bills begin to mount
and the calls begin to come.
Life etches fine lines of worry
when you realize you could lose
everything you never really owned.

Life speaks softly
before it crashes all around you,
begging you to notice
the tightness in your chest,
the fatigue that racks your bones
lifetimes before you feel
the final crushing pain.

Life whispers your name before you die.

Spiritwind Wood 05 October 2009're right this poem is awesome love the words-10+++

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Jerry Hughes 23 December 2007

........................................desperation well described

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Joyce Mundy 15 October 2007

This is amazing...I have been every one of these people and it speaks to the loneliness that can come in the darker times of our journey here that are sometimes subtle. Excellent poem.

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Marvin Brato 14 October 2007

I wish I could fulfill my promises and pay my debts before the final hour. Made me think, thanks for sharing madam. Top mark.

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melissa mundy

melissa mundy

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