I Am Your Child Poem by melissa mundy

I Am Your Child

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I Am Your Child

My eyes blaze a hole
into what is left of your soul.
For I, I am your child
You let her steal,
beat me again and again
with that belt
belts belonging to so many men

I listen to the mattress creak
sheets on fire

And she laughs
and screams in her unholy dance
Your courts send her back
You let her plead
but not for me

and I, I am your child
as much as any child,
hurting more and more,
while she begs for your mercy
and you say
there is no room for her behind your bars

But the bird cage which holds me
opens to your street and there are no deals
for you either.

Melissa Mundy

Marvin Brato 01 October 2009

Expressive and logical... hurt contains hatred that should be released in tears of passion, freedom can only be attained if acceptance and forgiveness is reached. Keep writing.

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Jerry Hughes 27 September 2009

Beautifully written poem Mel, and thanks for your prayers for my recovery. Indeed I'd love to read any or all of your essays. Always fondly, Jerry

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melissa mundy

melissa mundy

wilkes barre, pa
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