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Philosophize our very lives,
awestruck by our existence.
We humans spend countless time;

dusty corners of the room
come to greet me all too soon
I wonder will they ever free my name

She beckons',
descend, her gathering stairs,
as I bout,
defend, my recent despairs,

Stripped and exposed,
to those in the know.

I don't know my place;

out west of The Great Divide
where the summers dry & hot
where the Wiradjurie did reside

Elements essential for everyone's every day existence
Amplitude anatomy akin and alien amongst all of us

In the Aussie scrub
in the blue-collar hub,
when an indoor toilet unlikely;
the dad would knock up

From Dreamtime days of where the
Aussie bush kids played,
lived in peace with family
to where we stand today.

Feel the wind around my face
for now I am free.
Nigh a burden nor a trace
of pain, just endless sea,

There is something in the air

I thought climbing the stair

If you look at me that way again

I pray to goddess gods and devils,
they refuse me any deal.


Void of space.
A translucent face.

Cover not mine eyes
oh lion o' fire
whilst thy revealing light,
Beltane spirit heat

Falling is the path you seek,
folly is the vast you see.

We made a recipe
your dad and me;
a rose for puckered lips,
and dappled sunlight

Spring time in Australia,
wattle's fallen from the trees.
Aphrodite tea-trees flower,
welcoming 'all hallows eve'.

lets go to Broome
we'll elope
not catholic who
needs the pope

Can't keep track of your eyes,
when you speak to me.
Mine fall down to your mouth,
slide down your whole being.

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Hi! , thanks for visiting! I am a 35yr old woman, wife and mother of 4 wonderful boys; my integral world. Most of my poems are lyrics for the songs I write and play. I am an earth bound spirit, who works with natural therapies and nature as my vocation. I love all forms of art. I love to write...sometimes it is the only release. I enjoy reading the works of others, and like to hear feedback on my own verse. We live on the south coast of Australia, we are not materialistic, but we are privileged, as here we live freely in beauty. Please rate; & review, if it grabs you. The gesture will be returned. M*)

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Are You Taking That House To Heaven!

Philosophize our very lives,
awestruck by our existence.
We humans spend countless time;

trying to identify,
why we live, why we die,
as we laugh, as we cry,
spirit reaching to enlight.

How the centuries have changed,
we lived to share, grow, exist.
Never judged by the money you made;

possessions and ego's way down the list,
so sad how many we have missed,
the very reason we subsist,
to grow and share relationships.

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