merna ibrahim Poems

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Utopia is a place where you can find pure air
A place where everyone is kind, polite and fair
A place where there are Angels flying everywhere
A place where there is neither sadness nor despair.


Did you think before about the colors? ?
they spread everywhere; in clothes & flowers.....

Every color gives you a specific feeling


so many years.
so many fears.
so many tears.

Adam & Eve

They are the first people created on this universe.
Because of their existence, we found the earth.
They are the origin of our race.
God created them with a body and face.


Oh! You are a little black boy,
and playing with your small toy.
Oh! You are black from outside,
but your heart and soul are white.

A Letter To The Human

This poem is revised by the great poet'John Knight'.

Yes, you were born my friend without an aim.
The circled target board was created by you.


At night, everything take a rest.
The birds are silent in their nest.
Humans take a break after doing their best.
And the child sleeps next to his mother's breast.

*wake Up! *

Wake up Arabs and Muslims.
Don't waste your rights and be victims!
It's our Prophet's will and orders
It's a task and burden on our shoulders.

Holy Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month;
It's the month of mercy, worship and blessing.
Your heart become pure and empty from any depressing.

Dear Father

When I remember your efforts for me when I was a child
I remember your treatment, how mild....

After you had gone.