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*wake Up! *

Rating: 3.4

Wake up Arabs and Muslims.
Don't waste your rights and be victims!
It's our Prophet's will and orders
It's a task and burden on our shoulders.

We need peace, freedom and humanity.
So we can live a tranquil life with a complete sanity.
I hope Islam would spread everywhere.
From its properties the fairness, I swear.

The sky, the birds and the air were created free.
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Marieta Maglas 06 March 2010

a very good poem about peace

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Omar Ibrahim 06 March 2010

if muslims want to make the islam spread, first they must erase the islamophobia.and reveal the fine face of islam instead of drenching it with mud.many poeple say the are muslims but they aren't.like (qada) and (abu-sayyaf) .they are muslims but they aren't.islam is innocent from what they do.great poem just keep producing wonderful things. thanks for sharing

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Ravi Sathasivam 05 March 2010

Such a beautiful perspective. Well penned and great idea too Let peace prevail everywhere soon Thanks for sharing with me

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hope Islam would spread everywhere. From its properties the fairness, I swear. The sky, the birds and the air were created free. They were not bound and neither are we! Dedicated to: Arabs, Muslims and the sacred mosque'Al masged al Aksaa' '. With my respect to any another religion and nationality... i endorese the views of lady grace who is staunch devotee and true muslim.. she says all teh religions should be respected..... i 2would draw flaws in your line in three aspects 1) First you say islam should be spread everywhere... wht does it mean/ do you mean it by force, , we find many forcible conversions now a days... 2) the sky birds and all are borne to be free...people were for centturies were kept in bondage and rulled arbititrarily and with cruelty and hence the result we find today 3) With respect to all realigion and nationalit 1) i full agree with your third para and that is broader concept and you must appeal to all your muslim bretheresn to unit first, spread the sacred religion in its true spirt and htat is essence of real spirit.. islam never preaches hatred 2) islam is not weak religion so it must spread.. it has powerful essence. i will spread of its own if it is properly understodd. why people are buthcherd in mosques when they have quaeued up in mosquaes for holy namaz 3) of course leave an dle t otehres live... show the strength of solidarity for cause and sacrifice fir the cause and not the religion....... Lovely poem i know what youmeant to say but in divided house it is not possible....Allah says come as one... believe in one an dpray for one.. so nice poem i was touched by its contensts..........10 read mine lovely life.. o, lord...humble submission

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The Lost.. 05 March 2010

nice one dear hope all people think that way and ISA we will all our hopes will be achieved soon :)

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 31 December 2010

A frank sensible poem.Congratulations.

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R. H. Peat 05 July 2010

I always love to see how poetry is always inclusive and not exclusive in all its aspects of form, music and metaphor: its total presentation crosses all boundaries to find spirit. A poet friend// RH Peat

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a great idea Merna. I liked those wise verses so much. May the Islam and PeaCe spread all over the world... your verses touch my inner... your verses reflect the Beauty of your innocent Heart... ThanksForSharing Merna/

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Chitra - 12 March 2010

universal plea for a world without frontiers!

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Shimaa Labib 11 March 2010

wounderful poem mirna....its very beautiful and every part touches every one's heart....... keep it up

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