A Letter To The Human Poem by merna ibrahim

A Letter To The Human

Rating: 4.9

This poem is revised by the great poet'John Knight'.

Yes, you were born my friend without an aim.
The circled target board was created by you.
This is not wrong within this life, it's true.
Don't be frustrated, it is not a shame.
Dream, Be ambitious-work- and don't be lame.
Be happy, don't deprive yourself a shoe.
As long as it is something you can do.
Don't blame yourself- We're humans it's a game.

The most important thing's your peace of mind.
Believe me, this will make you live and strive.
What is the life but to amuse and play? *
Search and you won't find something left behind.
You need to play the game to stay alive.
And wake to live and live another day.

(*) The idea of this verse is extracted from the Holy Quran:
(w ma al haiat al donya ela lae'eb w lahww)

Farah Aliah 02 December 2009

so sweet merna...glad you took it from Quran

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Sameera Sameer 04 December 2009

great job my friend...I loved the idea I hope you read my new poems in return thanx... best wishes

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Kuji Soliman 04 December 2009

I loved this peice sooooooo much! ! ! Really...GREAT JOB MERNA! ! : D And like my friend Doha said: ' May God Bless You! ! '

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HaZeM PaKKaR 06 December 2009

this poem helps me to get refreshed for today.. i can find some of '' peace of mind '' through your lines.. thanks, Merna, your ' Letter ' has been received! !

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 06 December 2009

May GOD Bless you! I loved this WISE IDEA and this REASONABLE EXTRACTION this poem hides a STRONG message; this ephemeral life is but a Step for the Afterlife! our life is but a Short Journey across the era! GOD is the ALL-SEEING, He Has a Perfect Camera then, let's do well to please OUR GOD! let's help the needy families, poor and pariah Let's follow the Shariah... let's make this World a BETTER PLACE let's make upon the EARTH our benevolent TRACE... ' What is the life of this world but play and amusement? ' CATTLE, LIVESTOCK, CHAPTER NO.006 VERSE 32, Thanks For Sharing this inspired poem! PeaCe&LoVe.

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Abdallah Gamal 18 July 2011

U've chose a very important point that we face it everyday, , we care only about the distractions of the world like football matches, the newest albums songs, who will win who will lose and we forgot about win and lose at after world, , U've chose an important point and u've figured it very well :) rated 10

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Louis Rams 27 November 2010

a very good write and a good point enjoyed it!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 21 August 2010

‘The most important thing's your peace of mind.’ ~ World needs Peace most …humane poetry…every human being must mull on peace… thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 [for Peace]

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Dr Antony Theodore 08 August 2010

The most important thing's your peace of mind. Believe me, this will make you live and strive. yes peace is all that we need. we shall strive for peace in the midst of a tumultous world. thank yu for spreading this idea..

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Saadat Tahir 01 July 2010

thats a fantastic idea... picking on devine revlation for poetic discourse... well chosen and well written cheers

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