The Lonely Scarecrow Poem by Mervyn Graham

The Lonely Scarecrow

In fields of gold, where winds doth blow,
Stands a scarecrow, with head held low.
His frame of straw, his eyes of glass,
Guarding crops as seasons pass.

Beside him walks a lady fair,
With sunlight dancing in her hair.
Her laughter rings like morning song,
As she strolls the fields all day long.

The scarecrow watches, silent, still,
As the lady dances with such skill.
He dreams of a touch, a gentle hand,
To feel the warmth of human land.

But he's but straw, and she's flesh and bone,
In separate worlds, they stand alone.
Yet in their gaze, a bond takes flight,
Between the guardian of the night,

And the lady with the heart so bright,
Together in the fading light.
For in this dance of life's grand show,
The scarecrow and the lady know

That though their worlds may drift apart,
Connected still, by soul and heart.
In fields of gold, where dreams take flight,
They share a bond, both day and night.

cc/Mervyn Graham 2014

Anil Kumar Panda 23 March 2024

Such a heart touching poem. Beautiful flow and rhyming. Great share. Thanks.

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Mervyn Graham 07 April 2024

Thanks Anil

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