Time Shared Poem by Mervyn Graham

Time Shared

Our time together was so special
Our time has been so cool
From different walks of life
With contrasting paths to tread

We shared so much and bared our souls
Opened our hearts to the eyes of love
We heard the pains of past love
Healing embraces soothing furrowed brows

We laughed and cried from pain and joy
We danced to the blues in the rain
Our closed doors now ajar
Long forgotten ghosts excised

Alas, time it came for us to part
And time, it waits for no man
Be assured that our time was not ill spent
And my hand will still hold yours after the tears pass

No promises asked, no promises given
Who was to know what the future held, but
We have to remember, when the heart weeps for what was lost
Our spirits soar with what we shared.

cc Mervyn Graham

Laurie X3 15 March 2014

Assurances without promises is a promise of the heart made without demands or under pressure to which I would rather be bound by the purity and honesty of that alone for it is only broken when there is nothing left to hold onto. In this case there is much.

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Poetheart Morgan 04 March 2014

Love has a time to get in... to get out as a clock with a tick tack happy....sad weepy...grin you have...you have not Love is a tick tack just a sound in the wall that you believe you must believe

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Susan Lacovara 03 March 2014

I know of the salty taste of tears that fall when thinking back on bittersweet days of love shared. This is a beautiful poem that resonated deeply in me. PEACE

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