Michael Fischer

Rookie (March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Michael Fischer Poems

1. My Temporary Peace Of Mind 3/22/2007
2. The Maiden’s Heart (The Chess Game Of Love) 3/22/2007
3. The Heartless Saboteur 3/22/2007
4. Life's Poker Face 3/23/2007
5. The Torn Down Ghost Town 3/23/2007
6. ♦ Ballad Of Gunner The Gambler: Gunner Loses Everything ♦ 3/23/2007
7. The Warrior 3/24/2007
8. The Poet 3/24/2007
9. Reign Of Blankness 3/26/2007
10. Rat Race (Where All Are Merciless) 3/26/2007
11. The Sage In The Iron Cage 3/26/2007
12. When You Grace Me... 4/5/2007
13. The Shootout 4/5/2007
14. Our Pipe Dream 4/10/2007
15. I Was Born Into Death! 4/12/2007
16. One Uneventful Day Turned Crimson! 4/13/2007
17. The World Is Our Restraint! 4/13/2007
18. Our Future Is But A Formality 4/15/2007
19. Freedom's Paradise! 3/28/2007
20. The Former Artist At The Bar 3/28/2007
21. Guy Lafleur: The Greatest Right Winger In Hockey History! 4/17/2007
22. The French Connection 4/18/2007
23. Love: The Corrupt Game Show! 4/18/2007
24. Our Incarceration! 4/19/2007
25. Winning Without Effort! 4/19/2007
26. Our Souls Are In An Infinite Cycle 4/15/2007
27. The Party 4/19/2007
28. Your World (Then & Now) 4/26/2007
29. Infamous Façade 4/21/2007
30. Regretful Ignorance 4/22/2007
31. ♠ Ballad Of Gunner The Gambler: His Final Effort ♠ 5/12/2007
32. Poet's Delight! 12/26/2007
33. Party-Crashing Poor Nutrition 12/28/2007
34. The Dour Dungeon 12/31/2007
35. Where's Billy Idol When You Need Him? ! 1/2/2008
36. An Urgent Message! 1/2/2008
37. Good Night... 1/3/2008
38. Blackouts Have Never Been So Dark! 1/9/2008
39. My Broken Wings (And The World Atop Them) 5/22/2008
40. Chinese Water Torture 5/29/2008
Best Poem of Michael Fischer

Another Girl Robbed Of Her Esteem (When Will The Nightmare End?)

The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

The jarring sounds from the outside
grow loud; none of them familiar.
She shakes in her striped tube socks
and slowly shrinks beneath her sheets.

Her world has almost tripled in size;
She is left to fend for herself.
Her voice has grown high-pitched
and her escape route is a dead end.

Her demon disappears in the darkness.
Its reflection hides in her bed.
Her demon? Her mirror image.
Her ...

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Ah, the sweet blissfulness of nostalgia;
it can be our hand tool
when the crazed institution called life
leaves us as an empty vagabond.

We can revisit
the gleaming moments of our past
and indulge ourselves
in the ardent summer sun it has to offer.

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