Michael Fischer Poems

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The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

☼ A Natural Love! ☼

Your heart is my sun;
It brightens every day
and is always with me
wherever I go.

۩ A Brainchild Of Both God And The Devil...Life! ۩

We're thrown hard into a world
that we know nothing about.
We're born small, weak, and speechless,
troubled with our thoughts of doubt!

A Hidden Treasure!

Behind those thick-rimmed glasses
stands a woman with much potential.
She's bright, humorous, and beautiful;
But she doesn't realize it.

I’ll Meet You At Heaven’s Gate

I dreamt all day about you babe;
Which is no different, from other days.
I miss you dearly sweetheart;
You’ll always have a home in my heart.

I Want To Be Remembered…

I want to be remembered
like the legendary sportsman,
who always championed,
in adversity’s awestruck face.

Media Manipulation

You believe everything you’re told;
None of your thoughts are actually your own.
Your imagination has become decayed,
as the beast leaves you in disarray.


The brainwashed fools worship the saboteur
and fall victim to his hypnotic persuasion.
His lies are like an endless line of dominoes;
falling from his tongue one after another.

Angel Of The Arenaceous Beach

She sits on the arenaceous beach
with her legs extended out in front
and her hands behind her back
as she takes in the glorious day.

Empty Canvas

I’m an empty canvas, with potential,
who is all yours for the making.
I provide you a pallet of paint and
several brushes of different sizes.

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