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A Happy Poet

Rating: 2.9

Listen up, I speak to you
from the region of the damned
and those who lust after fame
and wealth as a poet

Those things I leave to you
since time has shown me
that I just ain't got the talent

But I must post stuff here
until the end of time

Eschew my advice!

Beauty Philosophy 24 December 2009

A good message to convey...but happy and sad poets post completely different stuff on this site... Wish u can have a look at the posted screams of my heart...

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Raj Arumugam 21 June 2009

ah, we are all 'damned' souls, destined to post online forever...we are the new breed of online poets, to be buried on sites that will serve as our tombstones...

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Shy Beauty Raven 26 May 2009

thats very... interesting i should say. nice! !

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Roshni D'Souza 02 March 2009

My thoughts exactly...I like it a lot :)

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A rabid but rich realism that is refreshing.

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Aldrich Suarez 09 May 2013

I'm not good in English....but I think this poem is very ironic........., but it is a good poem

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Profound perspective my freind.

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Marrissia Holliday 29 May 2010

I like it a lot =) very true

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Patti Masterman 27 April 2010

I see you've touched a nerve here. I propose in future we should call ourself poetry-bloggers; perhaps there would be less tittering behind the curtains then?

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Sadiqullah Khan 31 December 2009

I have equally understood this

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