Michael Shepherd Poems

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! The Sound Of Silence

I’m walking down the street
and I hear the sculptor in his house
working on his statue of Krishna

! God's Notebook 1: Material Under Declassification

...so the next week
I thought, why not bring
these rather fine elements together

0244the Soul's Mirror

Do you wish to know what is your 'soul',
in all its glory, and its whole estate?
To know if it knows but a part, or All?
Its birth; its growth, its life - or lives; its fate?

0146 Contemplation's Metaphysical

The height and depth and length and breadth of God -
that's what is promised to contemplatives:
and God, the sphere whose centre's everywhere
and whose circumference is nowhere found:

0006 Saraswati

The name means
wisdom. Perhaps
we should leave it there. For
the human mind loves

! Haiku For Joyce

0293 Black, White, Gray, Color

Black and white are the magic of the drama
in the world of film;
gray, the poetry –
silver-gray of Paris; sunshine gray;

0096 The Two-Left-Feet Waltz - For Jerry

(to the tune of The Blue Danube)


0252 To My Elder Brothers

I think of you more often nowadays, I don’t know why;
how is it now with you?
And are you still somewhere – if you ever were -
that I might talk to you?

Self-Respect - To The Troubled

'Your only enemy

is yourself'...