! The Sound Of Silence

Rating: 2.6

I’m walking down the street
and I hear the sculptor in his house
working on his statue of Krishna

and the chisel rings out on the stone
like a bell that wants to tell you something:

the stone saying, I am perfectly made for this;
the chisel saying, I am perfectly made for this;
the sculptor saying, this is prayer;

Krishna saying, I shall enter this.

And I hear in the sound of the chisel on the stone,
as sure as I know my own name,
that the sculptor is listening to all this too.

The bell-like sound lingers in the air
as if the air would keep it for ever
as the air’s prayer. It’s music.

The clearer the sound
of his striking chisel on stone,
the deeper the silence

as if sound and silence between them
know a secret: that sounds like this
can do anything in the world;

even call Krishna with their music
to play at being stone for us.

The stone’s laughing also:
playing at being Krishna.
They’re both laughing.
The sculptor is smiling too.

Pradeep Dhavakumar 29 November 2007

Excellent poem. Loved it. Thank you.

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