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! God's Notebook 1: Material Under Declassification

Rating: 2.5 the next week
I thought, why not bring
these rather fine elements together

start at the bottom, earth, water...
I gave it a provisional name,
Material Under Declassification

or MUD for short; left it around.
Not much happened.
Then children discovered it, loved it.

Not much progress. So
I added fire. Easy-peasy; hot country
I'd chosen for the lab. Time later
for those colder Northern hearts.

Yes. Had wait a fair mantime; but
it passed like no time at all.
'They' discovered bricks.

Things really started to move.
Or rather, rest in bijou residences.

Labourers, have you noticed,
get bored. Especially
with no one passing to whistle at.
I didn't invent the hajib, any more
than I invented figleaf bikinis
and shame - they did.

So - bored labourer in brickyard
takes out half-baked brick (like him...)
and papyrus root (yeah, yeah,
that comes later...) and writes
rude words on brick.
About his employer natch.
'Ph*** U Pharoah'

Yes, it's all going nicely.
Everything's god.
Oops. meant to write, good..

Scarlett Treat 18 September 2007

Hearty Har Har...Creation from a whole new viewpoint. How droll! !

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