Midnight Clarity Poems

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A Moment And Forever

How long is too long?
A minute more without you
will stretch to eons in my heart
I have not met you yet

Time Shifts

Heat is heavy with moisture
weighing down the grass,
the tendrils of my hair
wet and wayward from

A Simple Soup

soup simmers om the stove
arpeggios of garlic harmonize with sage
with the counterpoint
of coriander calling out for salsa

Dancing Between The Stars

A gleaming cloud
all framed in silver
will introduce
the lady moon

I'Ve Never Met You

I've never met you
yet I miss you,
miss the feel, the touch
the sense of you;

Apology Not Accepted!

Should I be grateful
that you hurt me?
Carved me back and forth,
left me in tatters

Four Letter Words

I wept.
A strange word that,
it looks so odd there
on the paper, no sense

Touching Souls

I touched a soul or two
along the way
trying not to bruise them
as I smiled and waved

A Tangle Of My Hair

I saw you a moment ago
lost between my lashes
at the corner of my eye
I saw you, I knew you,

May I...?

May I love you
in the moment
or must it be for ever?
May I kiss you