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How long is too long?
A minute more without you
will stretch to eons in my heart
I have not met you yet

Heat is heavy with moisture
weighing down the grass,
the tendrils of my hair
wet and wayward from

soup simmers om the stove
arpeggios of garlic harmonize with sage
with the counterpoint
of coriander calling out for salsa

A gleaming cloud
all framed in silver
will introduce
the lady moon

I've never met you
yet I miss you,
miss the feel, the touch
the sense of you;

Should I be grateful
that you hurt me?
Carved me back and forth,
left me in tatters

I wept.
A strange word that,
it looks so odd there
on the paper, no sense

I touched a soul or two
along the way
trying not to bruise them
as I smiled and waved

I saw you a moment ago
lost between my lashes
at the corner of my eye
I saw you, I knew you,

May I love you
in the moment
or must it be for ever?
May I kiss you

I'm living in the midday of my life.
The textures have all changed,
edges blurring from the careless
hand of time, a sloppy paintbrush

Dawn creaks open,
splitting sky
with painful slowness;
sun sears the clouds,

I did not feel fear when
pain grabbed me by the chest
shook air out of my lungs,
triggered the sluice gates of my pores

morning welcomes memory
the light of recognition
firing up the patterns
for the day

Can you see me in the dark?
Do I glow come hither light,
world wide web will o the wisp,
mere sparkle of the neurons

I play with words
and they betray me,
putting all my secret
thoughts on view,


endless blue,
the colour of the sky,

More than pretty cards
on paper, more than
chocolates or wine
more than dinner

Night has come to take me hostage,
tie me up in fantasy and dreams
of romance mixed with lobster
which I might prefer, it will not

The clouds cast shadows
on the sea, all dark, all green,
a tinted threat above the land,
a doorway into stormy times

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I write because I love writing. I make my living through the spoken word as I work in radio. I live life to the full.)

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A Moment And Forever

How long is too long?
A minute more without you
will stretch to eons in my heart
I have not met you yet
but there you are, clear as crystal
shining on the inside of my eyes
as if I gazed upon you
all night long, perhaps
you are a dream
but no, I hear your voice,
a smile tucked in
between the words,
the angle of your jaw
inviting kisses which creep
so gently to your lips
then press against your heart,
I feel the warmth
I smell the sweet aroma
of your skin, and still
I have not met you yet,
elastic time will torment me,
forever just a moment
when you're with me
a moment is forever
while I wait.

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p.a. noushad 10 January 2009

your poems touch me deeply

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