A Simple Soup

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soup simmers om the stove
arpeggios of garlic harmonize with sage
with the counterpoint
of coriander calling out for salsa
or for raita cooled with the tang of yogurt
mouthwatering music that makes
the senses swim
bouquets that drift invisible on air
so definitely there to make life rich
marking moments that give dimension
to the formlessness of time.

Wojja Fink 16 May 2009

a simple soup served up deliciously...

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Paul Hansford 05 May 2009

Poetry, music, painting, sculpture... and cooking. All are valid art forms, and all can be celebrated.

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'You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant..'sang Arlo Guthrie. Then there was a movie set in the cold Denmark, Babette's Feast..

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Callie Carroll 05 May 2009

Not so simple a soup really; I love it when poets blend the senses. An 'arpeggio of garlic' ...mmmmmmmm. This made my life richer today.

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Barbara Terry 05 May 2009

But giving dimension to the formelessness of time is not such a simple recipe though. I really like the way this is written, so deep and so catchy. Thank you for sharing a 10+++++. Love & hugs, Barbara

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