A Moment And Forever

How long is too long?
A minute more without you
will stretch to eons in my heart
I have not met you yet
but there you are, clear as crystal
shining on the inside of my eyes
as if I gazed upon you
all night long, perhaps
you are a dream
but no, I hear your voice,
a smile tucked in
between the words,
the angle of your jaw
inviting kisses which creep
so gently to your lips
then press against your heart,
I feel the warmth
I smell the sweet aroma
of your skin, and still
I have not met you yet,
elastic time will torment me,
forever just a moment
when you're with me
a moment is forever
while I wait.

Manonton Dalan 26 September 2008

must be your cyber friend. thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.md

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Malini Kadir 26 March 2008

beautiful write of love; its effect on elastic moment!

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Original Unknown Girl 12 March 2008

Gorgeous penning MC, you've a real way with words. HG: -) xx

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Janri Gogeshvili 01 March 2008

Will feel 'Aroma' of these stanzas and the addressee cannot remain indifferent … I wish good luck …

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