Another Year Poem by mike monahan

Another Year

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log fueled fire blazes in a hearth, throwing out intermittent shadows embellishing a darkened room a flickering candle burns through yet another Christmas eve its light reaches out to highlight images of a family past

a silence is broken by a rocking, creaking chair that projects it's outline upon an empty wall, a victim of years gone by reminisces of many such nights, as a wind roars around snow-filled fields outwith a bolted wooden door...


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Another Year
Lonely at christmas
Jack Colbrook Addams 26 January 2015

Masterpiece! Keep them coming Mike! Loved it! depicts lonely people in a sad and tragic way.

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Henry F James 27 February 2015

This a beautiful poem and indeed depicts the height of lonliness not only at Christmas but every day! Another ten from me Mike.

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Hazel Durham 18 January 2015

Evocative, superb write with the stark facts of living alone without family, brought out with great depth of the coldness of living alone!

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George C Collingwood 10 August 2012

I am a fan of yours Mike. You actually take the person and the subject into a lovely dream state. I can visualise the scenario you have described perfectly. Terrific poet.

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Tanya De Burgh 30 December 2014

Heartfelt! ! I thought it was me sitting there! What a way with words Mike! !

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Kevi Keego 14 July 2019

I can visualize the light bouncing around the room highlighting family photos! Great poet

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Kevi Keego 14 July 2019

I can visualize the shawdows and the light from the fire highlighting his family pictures hung on the walls. A very gifted poet

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Margeret Downes-minger 05 July 2015

So melancholy. Alone at Christmas and it seems all year every year. Brilliant piece of work Mike.

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G. Akanji Olaniyi 13 May 2015

Another year, indeed! ! !

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Henry F James 27 February 2015

I agree with you Jack C Adams! ten from me!

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