Minx Videsben Poems

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Back To School

Back to the empty blonde and brunette heads of the popular girls and boys

Back to the continuous chatter of students and the prolonged instructions of teachers

Should I?

I am invisible

Uncared for


Yesterday I woke up and wished that I was dead
But today when I woke up I heard voices in my head
The nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter
I wish I wasn't alive, yeah, I wish I ain't your daughter

Glorified Death

A goddess

With long silk hair

No One Will Ever Want Me

I've become a memory
I've gone unnoticed
As if I'm invisible

Bad Days

They always say, "It's only one bad day"
But what if it's been more than one day?
What if it's been two bad days?
Or four bad days?

Poem From A Broken Heart

Surrounded by a couple thousand people, and I still feel utterly alone
As if I could scream my heart out to them all, and they wouldn't even notice I was there
It's such a helpless feeling, as if I were an infant
But the even worse feeling was

It's Time

It really is time now

I feel it rising in my throat

Why I Tried To Kill Myself

Why would someone do such a thing
Why would someone feel that way


A Crush

It hurt
To know that he was hurting
But I do not think he would even have a second thought if he knew that I was hurting

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