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I Dreamt Of Sunshine

Rating: 3.8

I dreamt of sunshine in water pools
Of drops and ripples smiling though undone
Of a moonlit Luna and her ancient fools
Barking at the newly born sun

I dreamt of people their hands and eyes
Of sunscraped glitter flashing through the storm
I burn each time when somebody dies
Again to light up again to be born

I dreamt of my Aprils my springs and risen words
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Bernard Snyder 15 August 2016

Outstanding poem! I love the rhyme scheme. Amazing stuff! !

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 August 2016

Newly born sun! Thanks for sharing.

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Tapan M. Saren 15 August 2016

Beautiful expression indeed...

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Sandra Feldman 15 August 2016

Transmutation? To live vicariously thru others? A sad and incomplete life is, But if it gives poems like this Well rewarded, the reader be.

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Kim Barney 15 August 2016

Nicely done sonnet. Rhyme pattern typical Elizabethan Sonnet. Hard to do but you did it well. Some lines do not have a true rhyme but it is very pleasing nevertheless. Congrats on having it chosen as member poem of the day!

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Tom Billsborough 15 August 2016

very well expressed throughout.

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Anil Kumar Panda 15 August 2016

Wonderful poetry. Liked every line of it. Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 15 August 2016

To live here again knowing there is no love. Touching expression.

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