I Dreamt Of Sunshine Poem by Miroslava Odalovic

I Dreamt Of Sunshine

Rating: 3.4

I dreamt of sunshine in water pools
Of drops and ripples smiling though undone
Of a moonlit Luna and her ancient fools
Barking at the newly born sun

I dreamt of people their hands and eyes
Of sunscraped glitter flashing through the storm
I burn each time when somebody dies
Again to light up again to be born

I dreamt of my Aprils my springs and risen words
To clay dead live in the skies above
I know I'm alive for it still hurts
To live here again knowing there's no love

In someone else's dream to see
Someone else's vision to be

Edward Kofi Louis 15 August 2016

Newly born sun! Thanks for sharing.

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Bernard Snyder 15 August 2016

Outstanding poem! I love the rhyme scheme. Amazing stuff! !

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Sandra Feldman 15 August 2016

Transmutation? To live vicariously thru others? A sad and incomplete life is, But if it gives poems like this Well rewarded, the reader be.

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Kim Barney 15 August 2016

Nicely done sonnet. Rhyme pattern typical Elizabethan Sonnet. Hard to do but you did it well. Some lines do not have a true rhyme but it is very pleasing nevertheless. Congrats on having it chosen as member poem of the day!

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Tom Billsborough 15 August 2016

very well expressed throughout.

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Anil Kumar Panda 15 August 2016

Wonderful poetry. Liked every line of it. Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 15 August 2016

To live here again knowing there is no love. Touching expression.

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