Dance Poem by Miroslava Odalovic


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dance the river is there to rise
dance touch me and close your eyes
dance the winds will touch your feet
just dance and dance feel the beat

dance the river will find its mouth
dance east and west north and south
dance the river will find my lips
dance the poles to move my hips

dance the bees are dancing hives
dance the trees are swaying lives
dance the waves are breaking through
dance the sides for me and you

dance the birds are dancing flights
dance the stars are dancing nights
dance the currents dancing veins
dance in soils dancing grains

dance the last atom cutting a knot
just dance and dance until you cannot

Akhtar Jawad 19 June 2014

Miroslava, I think, has used the word dance, in the sense of enjoyment. This poem is telling, every thing that is seen is enjoying the short life and we should also enjoy our lives. These thoughts are not new, remember the following lines: - Laugh and be merry, Remember better the world with a song. I don't know why Dea Dear took it so much otherwise.

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Dea Dear 05 May 2014

dance a among foreign people, , , in the heaven not allowed, if you didn't know, know, , , , dance alone to save yourself fro curse, , , instead of dancing read holy verse

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Terry Craddock 16 October 2014

Dance becomes an invitation to interact with so many facets of life, the river rise touches my eyes my feet dancing to the beat, the river rise fills my mouth hips lips swimming within the flow, with bees I take flight from hive to dance pollen flower among swaying trees, dance waves through birds stars currents in my veins through all possible grains, into knots of atoms dancing electric attraction repulsion motions, through multiverse flowing tokens.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 15 October 2014

A beautiful poem above dance which includes the nature and its gifts and life also.

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Vv 23 September 2021

Totally agree

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Ravi Kopra 13 October 2019

nacho, khushiaN mnaaoa daraya paani se bharnay wala hai nacho, khush raho jab aankhaiN bund kar tum muje cHootay ho nacho, khoob nacho pawan pair tumharay chooey gi nacho aur dekho music ki dhun tumain fira de gi

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Sranisha Francis 14 May 2016

Very beautiful................ dance the birds are dancing flights dance the stars are dancing nights dance the currents dancing veins dance in soils dancing grains

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 March 2016

To dance with the joy of the heart! Thanks for sharing.

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Kirby Wright 21 July 2015

It may be just me, but end-rhyming seems to chain down a poem and make it sound archaic, as if written in another time. The repetition of 'dance' here feels like overkill. Rhyming and repetition do not necessarily make for a solid poem. We need to know who the second person is here, to see and feel them.

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Sandra Feldman 14 December 2014

Beautiful ballet of nature and of life you have here created. Makes a beautiful ensemble.

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