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Whatever It Costs

I do not know if you do know,
If that piece of me could
Not flow,
To you to catch yours and


Hello you world,
Sometimes you seem to be unfair.
Hello blue sky,
Looking at you make me feel dry.

Here Or There? !

Can ya predict what it is? it
Is black or white
There is nothing to find.


Too long it was since they first met
She looked when he gazed then the two
Eyes rested in tha same nest best.
As a lyric had found his tone


Walking down the road in nowhere
Knowing not to go, but there
With a view a scene a picture can be seen
And takes the attention while being there

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fathima 04 January 2019

masha allah sweet voice

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Bintu Dosii 04 January 2019

Masha Allah beautiful recitation may Allah have mercy upon us all.

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Nauman 26 October 2018

Brother i really love your voice...really want to be a reciter like you..JAzakAllah

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Rozhaaa’Kurdi 05 October 2018

????? ?????? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ????

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Haji Muzaffar 27 August 2018

God bless him

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Raad muhammad 11 November 2019

Al kurdy

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Andrusha Nasar 11 August 2019

you are very handsome man may Allah reward you for your beautifull recitation

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Andrusha Nasar 11 August 2019

are we talking about the same raad muhammad al kurdi who is the reciter from IRAQ?

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Karima abrahams 05 February 2019

Masha-Allah melodious voice.. You touch my heart. may Allah grant you jannah Insha-allah ameen.

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fathima 04 January 2019

really amazing masha allah

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'Life is easy as you spent and hard as you lend'.Thank you for reading my writing, and i realy appreciate your comment...

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