Here Or There? !

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Can ya predict what it is? it
Is black or white
There is nothing to find.

Right or wrong, or
Freight or fright, for
Something to hide.

That's you or him?
What are you trying to tell him.
Why don't you look at you
Everything is, is in a mess,
Or just forget, it is,
It is all about chess

A guide to lead ya? no.
Guess if you like to live
With a sigh in your own believe.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 21 June 2008

mirror...mirror on the wall look who's me am i is myself? or another me living in disguise...

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&&angel4ever && 19 June 2008

it is lovely mohamed really their alot u want to say behind ur simple words

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Greenwolfe 1962 18 June 2008

This is a religious truth. An expression of belief for a faithful man torn by those same beliefs. He can find his only faith in his mirror. All the rest is a game.A deep and thought provoking write. GW62

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Nothing intrigues the mind like a guessing game or puzzle.Another ten.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 September 2008

Black or white/Right or wrong...for these lines 10 added to it.

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samar Halabi 20 July 2008

great job well done thanks for making us enjoy it

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Blue Eyes 03 July 2008

go ahead i like what you have in your head i love your poem

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Wow! ! ! ! ! A little and potent piece you have there...but it materialized well unmasking who draws the game...

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