Lyric Poems: 242 / 500


Rating: 2.8

Too long it was since they first met
She looked when he gazed then the two
Eyes rested in tha same nest best.
As a lyric had found his tone
He began to play his music
She was spreading her influence.

The waited soul mate finding in
Each other; their two hearts started
To beat each to each and not sleep
To where the life could lead and beat.

Started beating fearly, meeting.
In a wink and all of a sudden
That heart's feeling coudn't be trodden
All what they had drown for the next,
Ended because they knew that their
Fate was not, not made as they aimed.

samar Halabi 20 July 2008

it`s an very wonderful poem great job

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Sas Na 24 April 2009

this one really does move the deepest feelings in one's heart. Thousands of words seem to be squeezed harmoniously in thse lines. way to go keep on it

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Blue Eyes 13 November 2008

F or A ll U r poems S ingle word T ells U nsatisfying, S tupid ad andshallow description of them

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 September 2008

A nice poem, lovely.

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&&angel4ever && 06 August 2008

there is no word can describe my feeling about your poem i loved the details of the lovers and description of their fate it is amasterpiece

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Yasser Koor 22 July 2008

what a great words for a great relatonship... but unfortunatley it is end like that way..... why......why the many of relationships end badly like that but......... you are a poet and you don't get blam for that it is verey good poem for a verey good poet.....

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