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Hello you world,
Sometimes you seem to be unfair.
Hello blue sky,
Looking at you make me feel dry.

Hello roses,
You velvet red roses,
Why so, so soft you are
When it shouldn't be so that far.

Hello you butterflies,
Beware of the eyes and be wise,
For being that slave
You cannot rise.

Hello you world again,
You have to be changed then
For one last breath, hello...good-bye.
Good-bye you world
See you next life.

Ashraful Musaddeq 30 August 2008

It is nice to read and think.

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&&angel4ever && 06 August 2008

i really love it it is soo sweet, and simple a wonderful deep feeling u can get from your words really great keep working you are doing great

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Gone with the wind 22 July 2008

So nicely revealed that we have to bid our goodbyes to the world....velvety soft roses and dry blue sky..its clear and simple yet the irony within is very deep..thanks for sharing Gul

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samar Halabi 20 July 2008

very wonderful well done great words thanks I really liked it

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Blue Eyes 13 July 2008

i love the poem it has a suicidal feeling and hate of the world i like it a lot the word goodbye suggests suicide anyway, life is always unfair but don`t feel despair.don`t kill ur self threre r people who care

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 21 November 2017

You really can't ask anything for its nature and we just attempt moments. Good write though.

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Unwritten Soul 23 September 2011

Lovely poem but i hope you say goodbye for something bad and hello for new start....I love the idea but i feel like 'hey, let's talk about great future and see everything as bright as we can' but i still like this poem it has great emotion inside..enjoyed...i see the marks were too low...that's so underrated...i will make it higher :) so say bye to 5.5marks Hello to new average...see this is i want you to look be happy always :) Unwritten Soul

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Doha Ewiess 30 August 2009

what a poem.....this is very nice...and i liked so much the last part when you wrote the opposite of the whole poem in one word...Good bye...see you next life....this is a very good idea...fantastic work :)

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Dark Gurl 55 19 January 2009

lolz.. it's nicely written i like it..good job

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sara }i{ 03 September 2008

wow..it's really nice poem, i like it so much

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