Rating: 2.8

Walking down the road in nowhere
Knowing not to go, but there
With a view a scene a picture can be seen
And takes the attention while being there
As the others are not there

That mystery is a glory
Is an art which tells a story
A symphony plays 'do not worry'
Trembling the heart with no sorry

Is a flower sends its perfume
To those who want to resume
To where the life begins and ends
In a wink and no another sense

I say the P is the Pretty that i must follow
That R the Road which by i will borrow
The E with the End that will end
To the T Towards what i call
Why and Y is You.. You.

You are pretty

Ashraful Musaddeq 02 September 2008

The concluding line is you are pretty. Yes all the You's are pretty when love is there. For this beautiful composition I gave 10.

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Yasser Koor 31 August 2008

SO PRETTY you are tha MASTER? What is a fantastic poem you wrote... you are my man go ahead...

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Blue Eyes 13 November 2008

V ery nice poem O f you to write L ong is not ur poem but P enetrates to the heart O r to the mind E nlightens souls at its sight

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Anjali Sinha 26 September 2008

awh so sweet 'you are pretty' you are pretty too concise but sweet +10 regards anjalie (read mine too ARE U THERE)

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Anna jonson 06 September 2008

waw what a poem... i like the rhythm....enjoyed

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&&angel4ever && 04 September 2008

iam in love with your style of writing really you will be abig famous writer oneday another great piece of writing with a pretty rhythm and beautiful stanz of love

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White Rose 04 September 2008

the suitable comment on this poem is really PRETTY

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