Ramesh T A Money Poems

A Life Without Money!

Could it be possible to live without money?
Why can’t man live without money in the world?
Long back I saw an African movie about this;
It is called “Gods Must Be Crazy! ”

A Money Addiction!

With increasing needs thoughts of money have increased
And man is left in the world to live only for money forever!
It is not possible to drink, eat and live without money here;
Money thirst for everything has made man addict of money!

A Dream Job Or Money?

Doing interesting job is the desire of many;
But getting a dream job is a coxcomb ever!
Money has become the token for everything;
Work of any kind is decided by money value;

A Money World!

Man, Machine, Money, Time!

Matter is more important than mind or heart
In this money world that rules all mankind!
Machine does more than what man can do
And man is made a servant of machine care!

All For Money, Of Money And By Money

Everything is going on as business as money has become part
And parcel of human culture for everyone in the modern world!
Business and money are marks of human civilization, no doubt;
But civilization sans culture sans love, knowledge and service

Love And Peace Or Lust And Money?

Love and Peace or Lust and Money?

Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi are symbols and examples of love;
With love only, peace of mind one can have in this world ever;

A Money Crisis!

Money crisis due to demonetization of higher currencies
Has created great exodus of people to banks for exchange!
Sans the circular of lesser denomination of currency notes,
People are made paupers having all monies put in the bank!

A Life Sans Money!

Is it possible
To drink, eat and live
Sans money?

A Passion For Money!

Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Dinar or Rupee currencies,
Money passion drives one deep even into the abyss!
Money passion never stops even the sea shrinks to nil
And ends not even camel goes through the eye of needle!

Money Passion!


Which Is Weilding Power - Money Or Love?

Can you live without money in the modern world?
Money is the mark of civilization of mankind now!
Can the power of love overcome money power here
And lead all to live life of heaven in the civilized world?

Can Money Buy Love?

Paradise of Earth or flower world is converted into money world by modernity;
With money everything can be bought in the world many believe sans sense;
Can money buy love which is possible only by flower bouquet since time immemorial to all;
And as custom and culture for welcoming guests, proposing love and all functions!

Money Or Love For Living Life?

Money or Love for Living Life?
Who's calling who I wonder looking at the trees around here;
Yeah! The long and short sharp calling is by myna bird in
The long avenue stretch of trees for its companions to join it;

Money Or Love?

With money one can buy property, material needs to live in the world and all
Relatives and friends to enjoy fun and support to be happy and gay in world;
But when natural disasters like storms, earthquakes and long wars come,
Will the friends and relatives and all come to one's help to save life and property?

Money Is Great Here But Virtue Is Great There!

Natural justice saves head and at the right moment protects life,
Even if staying close and digging grave pit rendered service stand protecting;
Wise men say so quoting incidence from Mahabharata Epic ever for all;
But in Kali Yuga now when justice is not adhered to, how natural justice be followed!

Without satisfaction of heart, fulfilment is impossible to achieve in world life;
Satisfaction of heart is possible only by exploitation of one's inborn talent;
Education, job and life cannot be interesting unless that is done according to talent;
All things done for money make time and energy as great waste in whole life sure!

Is Life Enslaved For Time And Money Only?

Seeing time and counting money, many live life in the world;
Is life meant to be lived so sans enjoying love, beauty and truth?
How to live free and joyful life in the world till the end of time
is what everyone is trying to achieve but time never waits for any!

Alternative For Money Needed To Live Life Better!

Money has become the centre of all activities of human
Emdeavour in the world since it has been introduced in the
Transactions of businesses among companies and humans;
Transfer of money is then done by cheques and online now!

All Are In A Rush For Money As In Competition!

Many men still believe that money makes many miracles!
There was craze for horse race, then lottery tickets
And even now many participate in competitions or contests
Just to win more money to become rich to solve all matters!

Black Money!

Who are all capable of making black money, only have it with them;
Such big bosses or tycoons only are capable of rotating huge money
In their businesses not only in their nations but also in the world!

A Note On Money Business!

Political ideologies like capitalism and socialism are
Playing main roles in the international politics of world;
So, earning by any means with payment of tax makes business
Firms go on a competition with all everywhere in the world!

Stop Payment Of Money To Bring Peace To The World!

Economic revolution all over the world has created
Money as the master of mankind dictating all ever!
Money only has the capacity to jump even to the
Bottom of the abyss and rise above the world sure!

Sans Money No One Can Live In The World!

Commercialization in every field has made it impossible to
Live in the world without money whether it's going to shrine
Or clinic, hotel or restaurant, study in schools or colleges
Including child birth or funeral from birth to death forever!

Are All Developed To Be Free From Food And Money Problems?

Agricultural activities were the main work for all previously;
Hunger, poverty and food problem were not main cause of woe;
Barter system was in vogue for buying and selling all things;
Industrial activities led to economic thoughts and money use!

Democracy By Money!

What does one need to do whatever things one likes in
A democratic set up of a nation anywhere in the world?
Oratorical skill, money and majority support are the
Basic necessities one needs to achieve what one likes!

Is Life Of Man For Money Or Satisfaction?

Vision and imagination based on knowledge, thoughts and ideas are essential
For anyone to have a broad ambition to express one's personality, but not
To amass vast wealth at the cost of others life and works in the world sure!

Use Of Knowledge And Money By Wisdom Leads To Progress!

Money power only can solve all problems of mankind;
Only by doing work, money can be earned in the world;
Education and training only can provide work for all;
Standard of life can be improved only by knowledge!

Are All Living Only For Money In The World?

Money system after coming into use makes all think of it
So much that it seems all think, worry, work, live and die
Only for money in the world as many are poor, working lot
And middle class people always in short of money for all!

Becoming Famous By Money!

The thing that cannot be achieved in one field is being
Achieved in some other field by money by self advertisement;
Whether they have any aptitude in that field or not long,
Suddenly make use of that one to become famous by money!

Money Making Business!

Doing business publicly known to all and privately unknown to all
People earn money to establish themselves as icons in the world;
Publicly done business is respected, honoured and welcomed by all;
But privately done business is respect less, shameful and abhorred!

Can Goals Be Achieved Sans Money?

Friends have a lot of talks on all things while walking
In the open field full of green grass cool to look at;
Time goes on without the notice of everyone but talks
Go on uninterrupted by anything as they are out of town!

A Great Waste Of Time, Energy And Money!

Arms race is a greatest hurdle to economic development of nations;
Funds spent on defence purpose is waste of time, energy and money;
For infrastructural developments, linking of rivers, industrial,
Agricultural and fishing industries a lot of funds are neglected!

Can All Eat Just Money And Survive In The World?

Pollution contaminating water bodies like rivers, lakes and all
With the mixing of drainage in towns and villages, water has
Become impossible for drinking purpose and other purposes and
That mixes finally with seas to contaminate and endanger lives!

Is It Human World Or Money World?

World is running not on gold or black gold of oil but on money;
In the modern material world, nothing matters sans money support;
Except soul and love, money can buy anything in the world ever;
Many to survive here, accept money and material benefits to love!

Man Or Money?

Mechanical way of life has made men robots
Sans human sense and feeling vital for life!

Virtues of life like love, courage, magnanimity,
Human dignity, decency and discipline are nil
Before commercial technology to run economy!

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