Musfiq us shaleheen Poems

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The Lost Spring

This day you left me
And spring lost its flower forever
At early spring, young called never
Again in a low silent day,

An Untold Love

Vitreous shinning of moon,
In the springtime mother's pique
A train carried me from dark to light,
A rose bud bloomed-

Beauty Of Rose


When a bud became a rose,
vigorous dreams flooded the heart glee

1971: A War Of Liberation

After Nine month bloodshed-
A healthy baby born on low
laying part of the southern earth

A Commitment To Love

A little say to you,
my darling-
You don't come and love me
I can't commit you

A Will

A bird has broken the cage
finally fly away
takes a breath
with full of oxygen

September Rain

Somber wind flows through
A slow September evening
it comes as the drifted
Clouds on poet's old window

Is It Love?

Love is for yours
Love is for mine
And we are for each other.

Gravity Of Love

I have bided you,
in the center of my gravity
cause I love you.

The Origin Of Life And Earth

The clouds move gently
And join them together
Then makes them into stack
The rain comes out of it

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