September Rain Poem by Musfiq us shaleheen

September Rain

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Somber wind flows through
A slow September evening
it comes as the drifted
Clouds on poet's old window
Where there is a sigh
On a little sky is being
It has grown melancholic
Ashes on the twilight shadow

Where wind is not too fast
As if it's free from fine dust
But melts with a little gust
Again it's whispering
The dreamy last sweet summer
And at the late evening wind
Has blown through the murmur

One day the liquid words were
Coming from the heart
And its glitter's glee
Gifted the poet a poetic art
Where it grew the purple plants
On the land too dart,
Then it bloomed too many
Dreams of bud

When the compact words
Are trying to sing
As the jingling
On the poet's dry lips
Where the poet is writing an ode
That have a pair of wing
Metaphors have metamorphosed
As the crystal chips

Creating too many
Bubbles of pain
Those are floating
On the flow of stream
The poetic rhythm is twisting
With the September rain
And on the air that has turned
To be a rapid steam

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@Musfiq us shaleheen
Dhaka, Sept,2014

An Autumn rainy evening.......

September Rain
September Rain
September Rain
September Rain
September Rain
September Rain
Akhtar Jawad 24 September 2014

A nice description of rains, loved this poem.

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Soulful Heart 29 September 2014

in one word....sublime.....the crystal chips have pierced the senses and the awe breathing steam has etched an ethereal mist of wonder....simply awesome

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Md Asadullah 28 September 2014

A lovely poem having vivid imagery1, though in my country September rains brings in flood and havoc, Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem musfiq bhai :)

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Heather Wilkins 24 September 2014

a beautiful poem full of good imagery I like the title fits the poem lovely

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Sallam Yassin 24 September 2014

September rain at a narrow strip Isthmus between ride of summer and raid of fall / so sweet the colors in canvas of paint

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 24 September 2014

A nice description of equinox..arrival of autumn the September rain in fact departing lovely poem Bhai 10

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Musfiq us shaleheen

Musfiq us shaleheen

Khulna, Bangladesh
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