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Wake Up Soon

I. It was like a bullet wound
It was that sinking feeling in your chest
Why were they just gone too soon
Of all the persons I met, they were the best

Bad At It

I think I'm very bad at this thing called love
Don't say my greetings and averse to hugs
I find just talking to be such a chore
People think of me as such a bore

The Detective, The Locksmith And The Con-Artist

Are you the type of person who just waits around and see
If somebody's gonna somehow solve you just like a mystery
And figure out the clues that you unintentionally make
Somebody who will chase you down, somebody you can't fake

Beautiful Tree

I. War, disease, and pestilence
Nature seems to have it out for us
And as humans, we just make it worse
That's how it is, it is our curse


I received some bad news from the courier today
Said my package was broken and that it won't be on it's way
And that's just sad cause I know that someone won't be happy today

Where Do All The People Go

Where do all the people go, when they leave us all in woe?
Where do all the people go when we gather what they sow?
Where do all the people go, do they watch us as we grow?
Will we see every one of them when it's our time to croak


God gave me a beautiful dream
I asked him to show me just how love feels
And one day, I fell for real


I was wandering, just muddling along
Nod my head to the beat of the song
Close my eyes and feel the breeze
Take another step and breathe with ease

Rabbit On The Moon

Run, run, my bunny bun
Run as far, as far as the moon
Before this story becomes undone
Pray tell, don't let it end so soon

Lion Cub

Walking towards the edge of the cliff
Will I get stronger if I throw myself off?
And if I am surrounded by sheep
Will I truly be the lion I was born to be?

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