Rabbit On The Moon Poem by My song Resound

Rabbit On The Moon

Run, run, my bunny bun
Run as far, as far as the moon
Before this story becomes undone
Pray tell, don't let it end so soon

Rabbit riding over the moon
Leaving the home you loved so soon
Lay a bleeding paw on my head
I'll carry you on ahead

Rabbit, ever faithful beside the moon
What is it that enamored you so?
Never did I see a bunny like you
Someone so kind, loyal, and true

A smoky visage, with your mortar and pestle
Pour the medicine into their vessels
Pound the mochi, roll the rice cakes
Hurry before the Moon Lady wakes

The drunkard known as the man in the moon
Still lie asleep, with his axe and bag at his side
And he talks in his sleep, and sings a tune
Till he wakes to the moon rabbit's chides

The monkey got his fruit from trees
The otter got his fish from the sea
The jackal got a lizard and some milk
But the rabbit is a different ilk

My little bunny rabbit, how are you so?
Was it fun up on the moon, did it ever snow?
You jump up really high and you go real slow
Well I'm glad you're having fun but it's time I go

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: mythology
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