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Bless this poem
Give it form
Let the words flow
From my tongue.

Look how birds in the sky,
Together in unison they fly.
Content in Nature's beauty,
For all it bestows in plenty,

Breeze is absent
Leaves are silent
Moon is repentant
The earth is numb

Where is the lost love you seek?
O my love, do you have a clue?
Listen, and it will softly speak,
Hidden somewhere inside of you.

On blue summer nights I shall take the misty way;
Wheat pecking my wrist, cool grass beneath my tread;
I shall let the gentle breeze caress my uncovered head
And a surge of infinite love carry my soul away.

Let ours not be an embrace
That tethers you to me
But a loving touch with grace
That gives us wings

Leaves on my maples are on fire
I behold in awed fascination
Countless colors
Crimson, burgundy, purple

Lo, my wounds lay open again
Smell of blood in senses rears
In my house of darkness enters the morning light
Pale and vapid twilight

Half-moon smiles on a barren tree
Hiding its sadness for none to see
Finds my silhouette in the canopy
Radiates its warmth down on me

Data brains,
Computing gains,
No constraints.

Her poetry is a beacon on Baudelaire's emblematic shores
With effortless ease her lucid expression magically pours
Lines composed in musical notes unfold with subtle grace
Pictures of life and nature, conundrums of love they trace

It was deprived of inner light from the very start
The poor moon was never endowed its own spark.
It needs a sun to glow
For its love to show

As memory encountered a nascent desire
Hymn of Orpheus played in my mind's lyre
A flower-laden tree spread its roots inside
A dream was born that engulfed the night

Nadeem Ishaque Biography

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, I am now settled in the Upstate New York area. An electrical engineer and physicist by training, I have diverse interests beyond my scientific pursuits, ranging from philosophy and literature to art and architecture. In the past I've written philosophical essays, literary criticism and architecture criticism, but started writing poetry only recently. I am a devotee of early-to-mid-century modernism in architecture, art, music and literature exemplified by Eliot and Baudelaire in poetry and Leos Janacek in music.)

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Night Song

Bless this poem
Give it form
Let the words flow
From my tongue.
O Nyx, dark goddess of the night,
In you I pledge my faith.

Give me wisdom
Give me insight
Give me the will to question
Certainties of feeble minds.
I am weary of platitudes,
Blind dogmas that divide;
Judgement before understanding
Dichotomies of wrong and right.

I've read all the books
I've watched the eagle's flight
Tracked rise of the dove
Witnessed the falcon's dive
Stood by the abyss of soul
Stared at the emptiness inside
Burned in the flame of love
And seen it turn to ice.

O goddess of the unknowable night
Engulf me in your darkness tonight
Open my reason to your ambiguity
I've come for knowledge of eternity.

You mother of Eros
You lovers' pride
From you sprang the universe
Cycles of day and night
You kept Zeus at bay
Curbed his wanton desire.
Teach me how to love
That she feels deep inside
That nourishes her soul
And is her body's delight.

Let me hold her close
Let my fingers trace
The scars of her love
Every line on her face
Let me drown in her love
Submerge in her grace
Taste wine from her lips
In love's deep embrace.

Time, the bearer of my grief,
Madly runs at a blinding speed
Balanced at the edge of the precipice
I know that my stay here is brief.
You edifice of knowledge
This apostate's shrine
You dark ocean of love
This sinner's retreat
You mother of creation
Dark goddess of the night
Give me another night I plead
Just one more embrace I seek
One more book to read
One last yarn to weave
One more night of thirst
One last chance to love
Before I have to go
Before I turn to dust.

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Nosheen Irfan 17 December 2018

A poet worth reading. With a few poems you have made a mark. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry that is reflective of your broad vision, deep insight and intensive reading.

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