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Born in Karachi, Pakistan, I am now settled in the Upstate New York area. An electrical engineer and physicist by training, I have diverse interests beyond my scientific pursuits, ranging from philosophy and literature to art and architecture. In the past I’ve written philosophical essays, literary criticism and architecture criticism, but started ...

Nadeem Ishaque Poems

Night Song

Bless this poem
Give it form
Let the words flow
From my tongue.

Birds In The Sky

Look how birds in the sky,
Together in unison they fly.
Content in Nature's beauty,
For all it bestows in plenty,

Last Night

Breeze is absent
Leaves are silent
Moon is repentant
The earth is numb


Where is the lost love you seek?
O my love, do you have a clue?
Listen, and it will softly speak,
Hidden somewhere inside of you.


On summer nights I shall take the misty way
Wheat brushing against my wrist, moist grass beneath my tread
I shall let cool breeze clothe my uncovered head
And infinite love carry my soul away.

Nadeem Ishaque Comments

Nosheen Irfan 17 December 2018

A poet worth reading. With a few poems you have made a mark. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry that is reflective of your broad vision, deep insight and intensive reading.

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