Sensation Poem by Nadeem Ishaque


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On blue summer nights I shall take the misty way;
Wheat pecking my wrist, cool grass beneath my tread;
I shall let the gentle breeze caress my uncovered head
And a surge of infinite love carry my soul away.
I shall not speak, I shall not think of anything;
Far, far away I'd be, free, a gypsy wandering;
As if by a woman, content in nature I shall stay.

This is a translation of the poem Sensation by Arthur Rimbaud
Sunday, November 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: harmony,landscape ,love,nature
I came across a translation of this beautiful poem by Arthur Rimbaud at Poem Hunter. Felt compelled to attempt my translation based on this and the one I read in the first English edition of Milan Kundera's novel " Immortality" (that I am recalling from memory) . I have tried to capture the sensation and atmosphere of the poem not the precise words, phrases and metaphors.As Kundera mentioned, Rimbaud, who commanded us to be " absolutely modern" had such sublime moments of harmony with nature that modernity seems to be forgetting, but such closeness to nature is an essential dichotomy of being modern
HB Rita 31 March 2019

positive point of view towards life can make living happier. Loving nature loving life make living enjoyable. Beautiful translation.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 November 2018

Speaking with positive mind and thought matters a lot. Infinite love definitely carries strength for life. An interesting poem is very beautifully penned...10

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 November 2018

And infinite love carry my soul away I shall not speak I shall not think of anything Far far away I'd go a gypsy wandering... beautiful simply beautiful my dear poet....... thank u. you made my day. thank u. tony

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