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For every storm there is a room
And find the palace now,
From deserts are a tomb and gloom,
Where clothes must just allow.

My heart and soul seeks for splendor,
The beautiful ones try their poetry and words
For riches to come in the Hereafter.
I see unity as a bridge, a sign will tell,

Ghosts are for the telling,
We call them experts and impressive,
As more of them appear from the woods.

In food is a certain quality of taste,
May they abstain and be erased.
For food manages my godly life,
Just as the fish manage with strife.

To slump and slay shall be the decision,
To get the rest needs rest itself, as the basket
Is carried by the limped workers.
Sleep pokes at you from the higher reaches,

With other people the system collapses,
She heard the dialling tone confirming that;
One phone demands a tragedy,
And the other phone a remedy.

A thick present is like a book,
It is opened for the look
And wades in for the kill,
Plenty of crime is in being ill.

You must not learn ugliness,
When it peeps, and you peep.
The drug for my anatomy is plain,
Show this character a disease.

I live among the world’s animals,
Unlike them, I stare and gaze at the stars;
I love the animals inhabiting this planet
Like the stars that shine in the galaxy.


Stones of the future are like diamonds,
Glistening in the moonlight of our wishes;
Youth will be harder still until the world has ended,
My hard stones are like a conquest of a kingdom,

Hastened by the cold is winter dealing swiftly with denial,
Hatred forces mildly, hinting at mortuaries, and graves.
Heaving in tatters, filling the ambition, having awkward goals,
When does heaven display a folding and sorting of goals?


I am not blushing due to my home,
In this structure I do live.
This home is a scent and sense,
A link to the outside.

He has a fighting-chance of working with his figment,
The figment he remembers for all his long-term memory.
A field of ingoing thoughts waits to be proclaimed,
The jeep of all worries is in his whole span of life.

Force the two of them, a couple of travellers,
To seek the ends of the universe,
In search of treasure that is appealing,
The very jewels most sparkling and bright like stars.

Many do interest their talents,
Whilst some do sacrifice their life.
Many do automatically pull the punch,
When others just receive the blow.


A volume speaks of divine actions and rigorous mathematics
Of the soul as a light of heaven.
A book reads of writing and matter of energy, of work
And the studies binding us in flames and ruination, of pleasure.

The readers of many worlds beautify the work of humans,
Their words are in front of their faces when their faces are at work.
The lips are shaped along the lines of justice and freedom,
Mouths utter frank phrases of the offences of brevity and sanity.

The animal has a name of wonder,
A plant may never attack a wonder,
For the body of an animal is taking the plant,
And bodies are getting bigger

I open the door to good work,
Hoping a way is open to hard work.
This is the route to happiness,
Minds are engaged in hope and harps,

Naveed Akram Biography

I am called a poet and also a learner of other people's poems. I read extensively, with an enthusiasm for fantasy role-playing, and science-fiction. I write in these genres. By the way I beckon you to my new published book, 'My Thoughts', a general poetry book that may enlighten you.)

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For Every Storm

For every storm there is a room
And find the palace now,
From deserts are a tomb and gloom,
Where clothes must just allow.

The clothing kisses us on cheek,
When effort made us worse,
The cloth we wear is rather chic,
And worry is a curse.

The storm shall grow at all the speed
That problems make us mad,
You did not follow, or then bleed
As madness is your dad.

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Kaitlyn McKenna 16 January 2008

Naveed is a free human. Free to believe, Free to fight, Free to want, free to need. Way to go Naveed!

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