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''In my youth, '' commenced the old man,
''I have encountered so many things'',
''And of course, I was highly imbued'',
''With feelings of love and joy''.

I used to stroll along in the pedestrian way,
Most at night times for close of the day,
With an anticipation of being so relax and calm,
And also searching for something like balm.

I used to go with idyll all day long,
But now, all I have left is merely to moan.
Beseeching for the most precious gift for dwelling,
Never knew that I have been flawed by loving.

I woke up on a Sunday dawn,
And wandered out of the cabin holding intentions,
Of beholding lively visions.

She is so stunning that no one resembles her,
And enchantingly adorned with a spell rare,
Spiffs herself up with alluring dresses she wears,
It's her black-thick locks I'm almost aware.

I evermore had some pressing business,
For I adored most being the witness,
Of such a lovely case in which,
I almost wanted to be a part of it.

Consternation I had,
was giant and massive,
was a matter to dismay,
and a matter to confound,

Oh! the extraordinary glorious days of yore,
And it was commenced just many years ago,
And pondered as the mighty event of all,
And it is adorned with spell,

Cultivating avariciousness, man is after wealth,
Status and material possessions.
Leading a hectic life, he's after all these things.
The man is on his way!


Even the Time,
Doesn't have the time,
To spare for someone,
To spare for something,

It was commenced long long ago,
it straddled many years ago,
it judged immeasurable number of lives,
of many soldiers, of poor fellow men,

I left many of the days,
Deep in scar onerously.

Before having the judge received,

I walked at ease in the mild serein,
In morn I went there,
Was a rebarbative jiffy,
And tedious as well.

You are an exquisite mauve violet flower,
staying upon the dune,
and over the tussocks,
with a bright, fascinating and sparkling color.

Decrying your fine art,
observing your stunning style,
I knew your beauty,
was snazzy and jazzy.

Abetted in the deception by the liberty,
Formulations upon the criminals with insanity,
Accumulation of possessions without dignity,
Aching for perpetual avarice with unknown humanity.

Seldom have we ever encountered such a gruesome tragedy,
Exacerbating the state by abdicating the quarantine,
And evolving the perplexed nature in the meantime,
Would this be a provisional intermission for the society routine?

The poise of the glide in the balmy zephyr,
Strolling freely not arousing the febrile nature,
Blue beryl embedded embellished sapphires free of fear,
Dainty feet touching the ground inspiring the lustre.

Strolling at ease with the soughing of zephyr,
Slight cold weather at sun's fading glare,
A sense of notoriety by the whispering air,
Of a novelette I fed up with black brooding desire.

Lissom physique arching to the lily on Lea,
Aplomb in her glide at balmy zephyr,
Lass with a melody to the warmth of the sun's flare,
Her tones crooning to rhythm, a day-break whisper.

Navod Jayasuriya Biography

I am Navod Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka. I'm quite interested in composing poems based on my encountered circumstances and also upon any other instances which I concern most. Sometimes there might be imaginary occasions too.)

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An Old Man Speaks To A Teenager!

''In my youth, '' commenced the old man,
''I have encountered so many things'',
''And of course, I was highly imbued'',
''With feelings of love and joy''.
Dwelling upon each other, the old man went on.

''That's quite obviously the same, '' replied Charlie,
''Like your old days, I also have rollicking times'',
''To play with the frolicsome lambs in day-break times'',
''And also to revel in singing songs at eventide''.

With a simple sign of reaction,
The old man made his greetings by laughing,
And then he continued speaking.

''I was gregarious by the time I'm passing your age'',
''And had so many companions all around'',
''And used to play on green-field ground'',
''There was a dune besides full of heather'',
''And we gathered and played in summery weather''.

With some curiosity and being so inquisitive,
Charlie was on pins and needles,
When the old man stopped speaking,
Charlie started asking questions.

''Didn't you even try embarking on something new? '',
''Didn't you even play with the lambs in the morning dew? '',
''Were the companions you had a motley crew? '',
''And what's more about the love you had in your youth? ''.

''It was a day lied on the month of April'',
The old man started with a high pitched voice,
''We all were tenaciously dogged and were in tune'',
''Having strong anticipations in climbing the lofty dune''.

''We spent the whole day climbing the hill'',
''Which we expected that we could with the strong will'',
''And there were six companions'',
''Three lassies and three lads'',
''Who finally became knackered climbing the dune''.

''Who were the three lasses? '',
At a glance, Charlie asked,
That question gave the old man a serene mood,
Which made him quiet and so silent,
Until Charlie asked the other,
The old man went with silence.

''Was there the lass you adored most? '',
The old man was dumbfounded with the question,
And then he went on replying, ..

''Oh! yes, she was there with us'',
''With a significant pulchritude'',
''And an exceptional glide'',
''With shiny grey locks thick and long'',

''Finally you arrived at the point'',
''What happened next? '',
''Didn't you tell her that you truly loved her? ''.
''After such a long time, where's she now? '',

After the questions he inquired,
Charlie could see a lamentation,
In the old man's eyes when observed,
And then his grandfather replied at last.

''I think it's enough for today'',
''I will unravel everything the other day'',
''And go and have the dinner now'',
''It's already been late for the bed for now'',
With some tears in his eyes,
And with some unseen horrors inside,
The old man replied.

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